Accounting Services

PMJ Associates are committed to provide wide range of accounting services. Among Services rendered including Financial Reporting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Analysis, Cost Accounting, Grant Accounting and many more across Reporting, Analysis, Expert Opinion, and Tailor made Advisory Services.

  1. Financial and Operation Management
  2. Internal Control System Design and Implementation
  3. Internal Controls review and strengthening
  4. Process flow of Accounting or Finance department (Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Charts of Accounts, General Journals, Treasury, Fixed asset Management e.t.c)
  5. Customized/Tailor-made Business Advice.
  6. Financing Decisions
  7. Investing Decisions
  8. Scale of the business
  9. Business Location considerations
  10. Branding and Marketing
  11. Specific Need Accounting

Donor Fund/Grant Financial Management.

  1. Key issues on developing Donor Budgets
  2. Considerations during Budget discussions with Donor
  3. Important aspects to note during signing Award Contract
  4. Does and Don’ts during project implementation financially
  5. Donor Reports which vary based on Donor (Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly)
  6. Burn rates and their rationale in terms of Value for Money
  7. Cash Basis and Accrual Basis Application on Donor Funds
  8. Fixed asset Management Specifically for Donor Fund
  9. Proper Documentation required in Donor Fund
  10. Cash Request Forms and Forecast of the future spending during grant period.
  11. Project Close Out Design and Disposal Plan
  12. Conduct Compliance review to the approved policies and procedures.